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Job Opportunities:


Apprenticeships are 18 month commitments not only from you to Luxor Salon but also from Luxor Salon to you. Depending on where our current apprentice is in his/her schooling will depend on whether or not we will be hiring at that time. If you are interested in this program come in and fill out an application. Luxor keeps all applications on file for the next 18 month opening. We have a Licensed Cosmetology instructor on staff with whom, in the 18 month period, you will go through freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior periods as well as attending on line Beauty College for theory classes. We are dedicated to a higher standard of learning for our apprentices and ask that only committed applicants apply.


If you are a High School Student and are already attending the Cosmetology program within the vocational system we would love to mentor you! We hire Interns to enhance their educational experience. Please come in and fill out an application today. Only dedicated and committed applicants need apply.